Jestem szczęśliwy, bo się śmieję

My proposals include: - Laughter Yoga workshop full practice with breathing exercises of Yoga - Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders training - Trips to India with laughter – I organize each year once a trip for Laughter Yoga - Weekends with Laughter Yoga -it is a special nurturing time where you can regain keys to your joy of living - Special Laughter Yoga sessions and trainings for your needs - I can offer Laughter Yoga experience and special trainings for organised groups, companies.. - „To India with laughter” a presentation – I offer interesting stories from my travels to India... Read more >
Laughter Yoga
On Laughter Yoga (LY). Laughter Yoga is a unique method for stress reduction, team building or personal development. It grants lots of medical and psychological benefits from making immune system stronger and providing an endorphines boost to enhanced creativity and courage to overcome challenges. It can be practiced by basically everyone from children to seniors also people with no yoga background. It blends unique laughter exercises with lots of movement, games, spontaneous dance and... breathing exercises of yoga. We don't wait for a good mood to start to laugh, we start laughing to experience more joy what comes quite easily in a safe setting of LY workshops where we can practice most healthy belly laughter. As a new form of yoga, it is a way to peace inside us, we always finish workshops with a deep relaxation. This practice was inaugurated by dr Madan Kaataria a physician from India in 1995 and now is practiced in 104 countries - in Poland its pioneer is his direct disciple Piotr Bielski who is the author of the first book in Polish dedicated exclusively to this method. Read more >
My story
My mission is to practice and teach unconditional joy, good contact with oneself and allignment with entire world. I know that life can be full of miraclous joy, bliss and love. It is incredibly easy, you just need to chose unconditional joy. The condition of success is full freedom, listening to oneself and following one’s bliss, what is alive in you, what really moves you, listening to this subtle signals that universe is sending you. Then comes trust and courage to go for what your intuition is calling you to. I love based in trust free improvisation generating full flow. My path is the path of connection with others... Read more >



  • Śmiejemy się z super dzielnymi dziećmi!

    Śmiejemy się z super dzielnymi dziećmi!

    Czy da się prowadzić jogę śmiechu z dziećmi na onkologii? Od wczoraj mogę powiedzieć, że tak. Gościłem w Poznaniu na Szpitalnej i to naprawdę dla mnie wzruszające doświadczenie. Nie dość, że sesję prowadziłem na siedząco to dzieciaki były jeszcze podłączone do …Czytaj dalej >